I'm Unable To Login To My Account

Olufemi Akinfe shared this problem 11 months ago

Greetings to investfeed support team.

My name is Olufemi Akinfe, I have an account on this site with

username: @TheCryptoBull .

I have just discovered that my account has been disabled.

I think I have violated some of your rules or privacy policy.

I think I was caught spamming the site OR posting unallowed links.

I want to sincerely apologize for my actions.

Kindly accept my apology, forgive me and give me another chance to get back into this community.

I understand and appreciate that this community has a zero-tolerance to spam.

I also understand that this website is the epicenter of cryptocurrency community, where thousands of blockchain enthusiasts converge to share ideas and invest.

Kindly give me ONE LAST CHANCE to get back into this community.

I vow & promise to always abide by your rules henceforth.

Expecting your response.

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Thanks for reaching out. Please feel free to create another account, once an account has been banned it cannot be undone.