Way to improve the "Following" and "Followers" lists.

PROTOTYPE 214 shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

As we are having this golden rule of ours "Followers should be followed", we would like to suggest a small improvement about the "Following" list.

At the moment we are trying to follow everi single person who's being following us. We are also unfollowing the ones who has unfollowed us. With small numbers it is easy to track both lists. But when the numbers are increasing - the tracking is becoming harder. By the way the "Followers" list is easier for maintaining because if someone is following you - you can see that new person and just hit "follow". The problem is more with the "Following" list. In that list you can see all people you are following but if someone has unfollowed you - you have no idea who that person is. Now you have to search and compare both lists. With more than 40-50 followers this action will cost you time and nerves. We have a simple suggestion how to be improved this action. We are going to provide 3 options:

1. Adding some sign (next to the persons avatar or next to the "Following" button) showing that this person isn't following you.

2. Changing the color of the "Following" button if a person you've been following isn't following you.

3. Add an option in the "Profile settings" menu that can enable "Auto following/unfollowing".

We have made two pictures for an exaple of #1 and #2.

NOTE: Those are shots from our list and we've made them JUST FOR EXAMPLE so don't get mad at us for using your names friends!